This year businesses are having to think innovatively about Christmas as most things go online. For retailers, transforming their Christmas sales to an online market can be a difficult task. How can you create a Christmas atmosphere through a screen? Here are our tips to help make the most of your online stall. 



Despite having an online store you can still have different offers taking place across the market for customers. This can encourage customers to buy more stock and interact with the stall more. You can do raffles, competitions or offer free delivery if they spend over a certain amount. These incentives can drive customers to your stall who will purchase your beloved products!


Promo events

Some virtual markets are doing live online slots with vendors, giving them a chance to promote their business. If you are able to book one of these slots it can be really beneficial for your business and can help increase sales and brand awareness. You can make the slot as fun as you like too, from talking about the best products to presenting a demo. 


Easy Navigation

Featuring as part of an online Christmas market means a lot more traffic towards your website. There is likely to be new and returning customers visiting across the period of the market. Therefore, it is important your website layout is easy to navigate for customers. This means clear signposting to what you have to offer and product details. Remember, you have a small space to show customers what you offer, so it is crucial this space is used carefully.


Make the most of social media

It takes time to adapt marketing strategies online to fit in with the virtual nature of the markets. Your business’ social media pages can be a great way to promote yourself and make your followers aware you are going to be at the market. Examples of this include using IGTV and Instagram Reels to share what you are going to offer and create more of a buzz around it. By promoting the market you can draw loyal customers to your stall. You could also share on Facebook groups and pages to draw different audiences to your stall. 


Communicate with other vendors

It is always handy to know what other vendors are going to be at the event. Not only can it benefit your sales but it’s always good to collaborate with other businesses. They can help signpost people to you and you can help signpost others to them. It also gives a chance for new friendships after the event! 


So, hopefully something from this blog will help you to make the most of the virtual Christmas world. Selling is going to look different from previous years, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to do well during the festive season.