As we find ourselves in another lockdown, it’s seemingly a lot more difficult to shop from small and independent businesses. Unfortunately, small businesses will suffer through this period of closure and it’s very tempting for consumers to shop from bigger and well know marketplaces.

As advocates of shopping small and independent, we know how important it is to support small businesses. Here are our top tips for shopping small and independent. 

Create lists

Some Marketplaces have the ability to create lists you can give to loved ones. It can make it so much more of a challenge to pin down what is needed when you are getting lots of gifts from lots of different businesses. SwishForIt is an app developed to merge many businesses together into one wish list. It makes it so much easier to shop at more independent businesses and puts everything into one list which is easily accessed.

Online Markets

Obviously, we have to mention the online markets. It is even more relevant now since most marketplaces will be taking place online this year. It gives the chance for lots of small businesses to sell their products via an online store and to have a collective community you can visit to buy products from. It also acts as a great way to sign post you to new small businesses.

Post on groups

If you are struggling to find local retailers, Facebook can be a great place to find recommendations for small businesses. There are lots of groups you can post in aso people can signpost you in the right direction. A lot of people are keen to promote their own business on these pages so you can find some hidden gems!

Shop small all year

Remember shopping locally is not just for the Christmas season, it is an all year round thing and should be considered any time possible. Use this Christmas to find new small brands to stick to. Although using bigger franchises can seem easier helping independent businesses throughout the year can have so much more of a benefit, for you and the business owner!


Hopefully this will give you a bit of small business guidance this Christmas! Happy Shopping!