As we are getting closer to our Virtual Christmas Market, we are getting more vendors on board and lots of buzz around the event. So in celebration of this, what better time is there to introduce some of our amazing vendors!

To start we have Lynn Ward. Lynn is an established artist with a studio based in Leyburn. She started her career in art after completing her art foundation and then working at The Forbidden Corner creating sculptures. This set her up in good stead to become full time in her independent art business. 


Her work is heavily influenced by her Yorkshire surroundings with an edge to it. Lynn said “I am drawn to contrasts whether it be stormy skies or shapes and shadows created by a gate or a stonewall of which the Dales provide in abundance”. 


Her work has been exhibited in many places around North Yorkshire such as ‘The station’ in Richmond and her career has moved from step to step over the years. 


Lynn has a range of art pieces available at the Dales Christmas Market from Calendars and cards to prints and placemats. There will definitely be something for anyone and what more could you want then a Yorkshire landscape!


You can follow Lynn here and visit her website here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out what other vendors will be at the market.